Advantage Improv Team Building for Your Organization

AI how does improv help organizational teams

The answer in a word: agility. Advantage Improv teaches your team members how to communicate effectively and stay responsive in their always-changing environment. We deliver fun team building workshops, customized to fit your organization's values and goals.

All departmental teams can benefit from Advantage Improv's workshops, including Sales, Marketing, Engineering, Human Resources, Finance and Administration. Choose from 90-minute, 2-hour, half-day or full-day programs. Your location or ours.

Recent Advantage Improv workshop

It's team building...with a take-away!

Improvisation is trust-based team sport in which scene partners strive to make each other look good. "I've got your back," is an improv mantra. When improvisation is applied to organizational teams, scene partners include all stakeholders, including coworkers and customers...both internal and external.

Improvisation's collaborative core principle “Yes, And…” means actively listen (don’t think ahead) while your scene partner is speaking, accept what they said as the new reality of the scene, and use your dialog to advance the scene forward in a positive direction.

Enjoy watching this 2-minute video of Advantage Improv in action! Our customer hired us to develop and deliver a 2-hour team building workshop for 300 employees at their annual meeting. (We followed the CEO's annual keynote address.) Toward the end of this short video you'll hear comments from audience participants about how they intend to apply the improvisation-based communication skills they had just learned.