Advantage Improv Team Building for Your Organization

AI how does improv help organizational teams

The answer in a word: agility. Advantage Improv teaches your team members how to stay responsive and flexible in this constantly evolving marketplace. We customize and deliver fun team building workshops that address your organization's values and goals. Choose from full-day, half-day or 2-hour programs.

It's team building...with a take-away!

All departmental teams can benefit from Advantage Improv's high-energy workshops, including Sales, Marketing, Engineering, Human Resources, Finance and Administration.

Recent Advantage Improv workshop

The mental control used in improv goes hand-in-hand with the skills needed to be spontaneously creative. Improvisational comedy tenets such as "Yes, and..." drive great improv scenes in the same way they drive effective collaboration. Workshop attendees also see improvements in their presentation confidence.

Rest assured, improv is not "winging it." Rather, improv leverages learned responses that can serve as fuel for organizational teams.

Advantage Improv delivers tools that help your teams more effectively think, present, innovate, brainstorm, communicate and manage conflict.

Making your scene partner look good...a.k.a. teamwork!

Improv is team sport in which the scene partners always strive to make each other look good in front of the audience. Within operations and administration teams, the customer--whether internal or external--becomes the audience. When scene partners trust that everyone is focused on a shared common goal, the  scene is a success. Advantage Improv teaches your teams to operate with a similar sense of trust and shared purpose.

The experiential methodologies and skills taught by Advantage Improv are built upon techniques used for decades by improvisational performers including Steven Colbert, Tina Fey, Steve Carell, Amy Poehler and Will Ferrell. These improv professionals must work within predetermined parameters, just as business professionals do on a daily basis.

We also offer private coaching and consulting