Advantage Improv: fun, unique and educational events for forward-thinking teams
Applied Improvisation? Yes, And! Improv(e) Communication, Creativity, Collaboration, Adaptability, Effectiveness and Teamwork

A Valuable and Fun Improvisation-Based Learning Experience Designed for Forward-Thinking Organizations and Individuals

  • customized improv training at your location

    Customized Team Building for Your Organization

    Our improvisation-based team building events teach mental agility and communication skills. These fun, 90-minute to full-day workshops are valuable for:

    • Sales teams
    • Engineering teams
    • HR and Org. Dev. teams
    • Operations / Admin teams
    • Marketing / Design teams


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  • Advantage Improv provides Conference, Event and Meeting Speaking Services

    Conferences, Meetings, Events and Breakouts

    Meeting planners rely on Advantage Improv to deliver customized services for a wide range of conferences, seminars and events, including:

    • Educational and fun breakout sessions
    • Engaging keynote speeches
    • Event hosting and facilitation


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  • 5-week Improv for Personal and Professional Development Workshops at Our Location

    Five-Week I.P.P.D. Workshops for Individuals

    Improv for Personal and Professional Development classes help students to enhance their communication style and improve their unique voice.

    These fun, evening classes help:

    • Entrepreneurs
    • Business professionals
    • Public speakers


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  • Advantage Improv Special Event Workshops at Our Location or Yours

    Specialized Services at Your Location or Ours

    We also offer organizational role-play, programs for actors and college seniors, plus ropes course and sailing event add-ons.

    Specialized services include: 


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customized improv team building events at your location or ours         Enroll now for the June 2 2020 Improv for Personal and Professional Development workshop